CENTRAL DUPON processing lab

Central Dupon is the photo laboratory in charge of the image stock of Jean Guichard, as well than processing and enlargements. It is the most famous lab in France up to the photographers, specially for its quality of printing and exhibition events.

Central Dupon:Tel: 00 33 1 40 25 46 00
74 Rue Joseph De Maistre 75018
Paris France 



The head office of maritim affairs and the board of lighthouses have allowed and help Jean Guichard in the elaboration of this lighthouse picture collection.
Special thanks to Vincent Guigueno who, with his historian skill and open mind, has been a main contributor in the improvement of the lighthouses knowledge.
Vincent Guigueno
Mission "Patrimoine des phares" / /,2045-.html
Ministère de l'Ecologie
Direction des Affaires Maritimes
La Grande Arche
Arche Paroi Sud
92055 La Défense Cedex



The "Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise" (Iroise Sea National Park) is up to Vincent Guigueno the favorite "playground" of Jean Guichard. Situated on the west coast of Brittany it's of course a photographers paradise for lighthouse shooting.
The National Park and Jean Guichard have recently associate themselves in the elaboration of the last book "lighthouses memory" ("Mémoire de phares").
Many thanks to the head office manager Thierry Canteri and Marie Hascoët for their assistance.



The Artgroup now managed by Pyramid is the historical partner for the worldwide distribution of the famous "La Jument" poster (and many others) since 1992.
In the past years (2000) and for several years, the "La Jument" photograph has been the most sold poster in the world.



Pyramid International / The Art Group
Unit A, Bruce Way, Whetstone, Leicester LE8 6HP
Tel:  +44 (0)116 284 3640      Fax:  +44 (0)116 284 3696




In "products for sale" different links are proposed to be directly connected with the web pages where the product is available.
Heye propose 70,0 cm X 50,0 cm et 24,5 cm x 69,0 cm calendars. Languages: German / French / English.
Publisher: KV&H (Heye).
Links for buying:
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Easyart is a british publisher specialized in the printing and framing of artworks on line  (pod).
All the Easyart collection of Jean Guichard is available in "products for sale" "Reproductions". By cliquing on one of the image, you are directed on the corresponding easyart web page.
-The sames photographs are also available in "photographs" by cliquing on the right side of the image on:
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Other Easyart web sites for Jean Guichard works:
Consumers: (France) (Suede) (UK) (Allemagne) (Pays-Bas) (UK) (UK)


Sélection du reader's digest

Sélection du Reader's Digest is the publisher of "Phares", the most succesfull book of Jean Guichard, and also "les plus beaux phares de France" and "De phare en phare".


Edilarge Ouest-France

Edilarge Ouest-France is the historical publisher of the Guichard's work. The first book "Phares" was published in 1991.
Many other books have been published from that time, you can see them in the space "Books and exhibitions"

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