Professionals and private individuals can consult the Photo Gallery freely.
For professionals who wish to obtain a license of reproduction:

  • You must create your identifier and your password by filling in the registration form proposed in the Pro Area. It is also accessible from either the bottom left side of the homepage, or in the specification sheet of a photo in the Photo Gallery.
  • Your request for professional registration will be validated by the webmaster who will send you a mail of confirmation.
  • You will then be able to claim the use of our photos.
  • Once your professional account is created your future connections will be made automatically by writting your identifier and your password on the homepage, or in the professional area.

When you login you are given access to a specialized interface:

  • When you click on a display in the Photo Gallery, you will obtain an enlarged picture as well as the specification sheet and options allowing you to define your request, (press, edition, advertisement, size, edition) the option "other " allows you to express a particular request.
  • By double clicking on a picture in the Photo Gallery, you will obtain a full screen picture which will allow you to appreciate details, and thus help you to decide.
  • You can add every picture chosen to the viewer to create your selection. If you are identified, this selection is kept and made available for your next visits.
  • Once your cart is filled, you can validate your order and after study, the webmaster will send you an email with an estimate.

The order form includes a dialogue box, this enables you to speak with us. The acceptance of this estimate will entail the delivery of the prints under the shape and by the means which you chose in the order form (file rgb, cmyk, 40 mega, by post, by email, by ftp server).
All correspondance needed for your order's follow-up will be done by email.
The bill will be established depending on what was agreed during the exchanged messages following your order.
For professionals who would be interested in the purchase of an original edition, to decorate an office for example, or by a book, a frame by-products, is proposed in the specification sheet, the reproduction chosen in this section can be added to the cart and to the concerned invoice.
Note, please, that your registration gives you immediate access to the by-products, by using your email address as an identifier with the supplied password.

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