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De mémoire de phares

The book “De mémoire de phares...” tell the stories and the way of live of the lighthouses keepers on the most famous french ligthouses before automatisation.
Publisher: Ouest-France Novembre 2011
Available only in french

Agenda des phares de Bretagne 2013

Agenda 2013. In french only
A selection of the most remarkable lighthouses of Brittany.
Text:Vincent Guigueno, photographs: Jean Guichard
Editions Ouest-France Octobre 2012

"Les Maisons-Phares"

Couverture du livre "Les Mains-Phares"

"Les Maisons-phares". Publisher : Edilarge - Ouest-France Novembre 2011. Available in french only.
On an idea of Jean-Christophe Fichou, this book  show how and why the small Lighthouses have been constructed on the french shore. The book is illustrated with Jean Guichard pictures,and ancient documents. text of de Jean-Christophe Fichou, forword of Vincent Guigueno.

les plus beaux phares de France

"Les plus beaux phares de France"
Publisher: Sélection du Reader's Digest,  15 octobre 2011. Available in french only
A sélection of Jean Guichard's photos  of the most beautifull lighthouses in France. Writters: Vincent Guigueno and Sandrine Pierrefeu.

Tous les phares de France

Tous les phares de France

An historical course of all the french lighthouses from Dunkerque to Lavezzi island (Corsica).
200 color pictures, 10 maps, 145 pages.
Text: René Gast, pictures : Jean Guichard
Publisher: Éditions Ouest-France, "Itinéraires de découvertes" collection.
A very popular and cheap book, 6th republication Mai 2010.

Agenda of lighthouses 2010

Publisher: Ouest-France 2009.
French language only


German version of the book "Phares" published by Reader's Digest.
Publisher: Maritim 2007, 4th reprinting 2010


Italian version from the book "phares" published in 2005 by Reader's Digest. Publisher: l'ippocampo 2006: 5 th reprinting in 2012.

Lighthouses 2006 agenda

Publisher: Graphique de France, Woburn MA, USA
Octobre 2005


Tuesday 1 October 2002

A spectacular photographic journey to some of the most remakable lighthouses along the North Atlantic coast from USA Canada and Europe.
Photographs: Jean Guichard, text: Ken Trethewey.25cm X 31cm, 200 pages.
Publisher: Maritim (Delius Klassing) 2004



Exposition phare d'Eckmühl

Saturday, December 17, 2016 to Sunday, March 5, 2017

Vieux Phare de Penmarc’h
rue des Naufragés du 23 mai 1925 - 29760 Penmarc’h
Tour-tan kozh Penmarc’h - Straed Peñseidi an 23 a viz Mae 1925 - 29760 Penmarc’h
Exposition du 17 décembre 2016 au 5 mars 2017
Diskouezadeg digor eus ar 17 a viz Kerzu 2016 d’ar 5 a viz Meurz 2017

Musée de la Marine

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 to Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jean Guichard is partner of the Musée National de la Marine for the lighthouse exhibition from 7 Mars to 4 Novembre 2012 at the "Palais de Chaillot", Trocadero  Paris 16ème.
the comissioner for the exhibition is Vincent Guigueno

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